Meeting Notes and Scholarships

Scholarship Winners 2013Congratulations to our two scholarship winners Cadet’s Hannah Plush and Christopher Hennessy. It was a privilege to meet these two last night and we wish them luck with the rest of the school year. We’ll be doing a more in depth interview with each of them a little later.

The highlights from last nights meeting are below. For more detail, see the full notes on theĀ meetings page.

  • We did not meet the quorum requirement in the bylaws.
  • We talked about creating a cadet position on the board of directors. For various reasons this would be a non voting position.
  • I’m going to try again and get the paypal thing up and running using our EIN even though we don’t have a non profit status yet.
  • We couldn’t vote on whether or not to support the cadet 10 miler team financially but the consensus is that we should focus more on scholarships anyway.
  • We are going to put together some flyers for the 115th Fires Brigade Leadership Conference in February.