Posse Club Trains to Support Search and Rescue

The UW Army ROTC Posse Club has done some great work helping the Albany County Sheriff’s office and the Albany County Search and Rescue. The storyboard below covers one of their training events last fall.



On the 28th of September, the Posse Club conducted a training event in vicinity of Happy Jack Trail near the Lincoln Monument. The Posse Club focused on various vital training skills, which are inherent in the Search and Rescue (SAR) aspect of the club. These skills included First Aid (practical and improvised means) and Knot Tying (for use when rappelling and climbing).

One of the Posse Club’s main missions is to provide support for the Albany County Sheriff’s Dept., as well as other law enforcement departments in the surrounding area in SAR. During the outing the Posse rehearsed how to take care of an individual injured in back-country hiking. The members learned techniques utilized by both the US Military, and those that are more applicable for a civilian setting (see top picture). The Posse also set up a “Rope Corral” to practice tying knots that are used while conducting high-angle climbing and rappelling, which is pictured at the bottom. One of the Posse’s main goals is to be proficient in this skill set in order to provide specialized support during missions. A brief class on building improvised shelters using a poncho and bungee cords was also given.

Along with training, the Posse came together and had a barbecue for lunch in order to build better team cohesion. The outing was an overall success, and others like it will be planned in the future to ensure the advancement of team knowledge and abilities in extreme cold weather environments.