Bataan Memorial Death March Results

I received some great news last week regarding our Cowboy’s performance at the Bataan Memorial Death March.

  • Cadets Summerbell, Flanscha, Goodwin, Rusk, and Galvin placed 2nd out of 44 teams in the ROTC Men’s Heavy Category
  • Cadets Carollo, Johnson, Lichtfuss, Hamblen, and Carswell placed 8th out of 16 teams in the Military Coed Heavy Category
  • Cadet Kelchner placed 2nd overall out of 128 in the ROTC Male Heavy Individual Category and 2nd Place in his age group.
  • Cadet Reiner placed 5th overall out of 748 in the Civilian Female Light Category and 2nd Place in her age group.
  • Cadet Plush placed 31st in the Civilian Female Light Category and 9th Place in her age group.

If you get a chance, let these cadets know how proud of them we all are. I’ll add the story as soon as I can.

9 thoughts on “Bataan Memorial Death March Results

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