Hey, Field Artillery Officers!

We’ve got a guy in the school house. Cowboy Battalion Alumnus, CPT Mason Heimer is set to take command of one of Batteries at the Artillery School at Fort Sill. So if you are a 2LT, or have one, or know any other officer or NCO who’s headed there for school give him a heads up. It’s not very often that we have one of our own in one of these jobs so don’t hesitate to lean on him for some help. I suppose I should say that he has offered to do this, it isn’t something I volunteered him for.

I’ll give an excerpt from his email to me: “Let me know if you have any FA 2LT’s that need mentors?  I’ll be taking command of the BTRY at the USAFAS that is responsible for the FACCC, WOBC, WOAC, Master Gunner, U6, PCC and the Bn. HQ personnel on April 30th.  So if they have questions about the Field Artillery, FA BOLC or where to live when they get down here I’m the guy to ask.”

Mason has also offered a professional article for our mentor page so be sure and check that out.

I’m going to be highlighting a few more of our members in the coming weeks. If you are in command or recently left, let me know. We want to help you get your experiences out there across the association. The same goes for any key job. Please also feel free to help out with our mentor pages.