Mentor Program

It’s that time of year again, where we start pairing soon to be 2LTs with mentors who can help them out in the way of branch and assignment advice.

I’ll get into the specifics of this years commissioing class in a minute but first I want to talk about something else that we are doing a little different. We have added a Mentorship Program web page to the site which I hope will become a good place for questions and answers and other professional discussions.

Right now it’s just a shell. Filling out the content is more than I can do myself. If you want to participate, I can create an account for you to add content yourself, or you can use comment sections.

Now for this years commissioning class we have the following:

  • Branches: QM, SC, MS, IN, TC, FA
  • Components: 5 Active Duty, 6 Wyoming National Guard, 2 Oklahoma National Guard, 1 Army Reserve.
  • Active Duty Assignments: Fort Carson, Fort Drum, and a few other unassigned right now as well as all the posts associated with the above Basic Courses.

Give us a shout if you are in a position to help any of these folks out based on the information above.

16 thoughts on “Mentor Program

  1. Al,
    I can help with one or two coming into the Wyoming Guard. Especially with the Logistics branched folks (QM and TC). I think there are at least two coming into the 960th BSB here in Wyoming. If any of them know that they are coming to the 960th or the 920th, I will help them as a priority, otherwise, anyone else I would be happy to help.

    Also, if you give me some rights, I can help with content filling for the Mentorship Program.

  2. Al,
    I see comments by the force in a lot of these. Do the cadets and young LT’s ever visit the pages or are they going to and other sites? I was anticipating at least one question here from them and have seen nothing.

    • I don’t think they come here. I don’t think Alumni come here either. I could speculate about a chicken / egg thing going on but in reality I don’t think there is any interest by either party.

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