Nominations and Elections

Next Monday we will hold our Annual Elections. We two seats (DC Faber and Joseph Huss) coming open on the board of directors. I haven’t spoken to these men yet to see if they are running again.

In any case, this is the week for nominations. If you can or know of anybody who can serve on the board of directors and wants to serve let me know, or any other board member before 9AM next Monday (June 23rd).

Next week we will open the voting which will run up until our next meeting which will likely be in the second week of July.

We are starting to explore options to allow people to remotely participate in meetings and will try to test them at this next meeting. This opens the door for those of you who don’t live in Laramie to not only be a bigger part of things but also allow some of you to serve on the board.

12 thoughts on “Nominations and Elections

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