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Back on June 8th I received an email from Jason Ruff, an alumnus, member, and current APMS, asking if the CBAA would like to come in and discuss the CBAA during the cadet’s zero week. He also asked if we would host a cadet lunch that week. I personally don’t think that buying lunch for all of the cadets and cadre is a good use of CBAA money but that’s not the point of this message.

So to get to the point: is anyone willing and able to take charge of the CBAA and start it moving again?

I resigned back in 2014 because I was no longer able but I have kept the website up and passed along the occasional message. Also, Paul Hesco has been keeping the PO Box going. We have not had a meeting since July 10, 2014 and by my count we only have two board members out of seven who’s terms have not expired.

I do not think we need to talk about what the CBAA needs to do, should do, or could do. We have never been short on good ideas. I also don’t think we have been short on people who are willing. The problem seems to be the able part.

If you have any thoughts on this matter please go to our website and comment under the “State of the CBAA” post ( Please do not just hit reply when this comes in your email. If you do, your response will only come to me and this is a topic that needs to involve as many members as possible. If you do email me anyway, I will do my best to get back to you but please keep in mind that I’ve been trying to get this message out since June 8th.

Al Walsh

8 thoughts on “State of the CBAA

  1. Al

    As you know but for everyone else to catch up, I was willing to help get things moving and with retirement I had the time, but life always brings change. Lisa and I have left Wyoming and are now in Anchorage AK. I’m too geographically distant to do much. But if someone is willing too coordinate meetings with technology (Confrence calls, or video conferences, Skype / face time etc) I think much could be done from wherever the willing are.

    I agree that helping with a luncheon or BBQ is something on the fringe of the scope of the CBAA. It’s not impossible but what’s the best use of the time and resources of the association.

    I think the focus of the CBAA should be 3 fold. 1) Scholarships offered in a variety, size and by merit. 2) Mentorship 3) Networking – linked in and other officer specific head hunter programs can be at a national scale, a great resources for post Army employment opportunities but if someone wants to or is considering coming back to Wyoming or even the region it can be tough to get in the door as an outsider especially outside a large metropolitan area. Also the Wyoming Army National Guard or and the Army reserve are in desperate need of experienced officers. They may not have someones specific branch close to your new home but there are critical vacancies for CPT – LTC in some organizations.

    With the current economic state of Wyoming, and the fiscal cuts and complete loss of so many programs which support or enhanced the UW ROTC program and veterans in general at UW, scholarships are going to be essential to keep enrollment up and the quality of students in the program.

    Hope to hear back more from others.

    Aaron Ohnstad

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