New Board of Directors

I hope you are all having a Merry Christmas.

Jason Ruff has volunteered to take charge of the CBAA. I think the easiest thing to do is hold an election and then I’ll hand everything off. Between Jason and I we have put together the following list of people to serve on the board.

Jason Ruff – President
Tim Hamilton (current cadre member) – Vice President
Paul Hesco – Treasurer
Barry Gasdek
Amy Henry
Eric Magnuson (current cadre member)
Cale Jenson (current cadre member)

Since we haven’t had an election for a while I’ll go over the rules. Under the bylaws must provide 30 days notice prior to any vote. The winners will be determined based on a simple majority of those who vote.

So we’ll start the voting today (12/25/16) and it will close on 1/24/17. Amy, Time, Eric, and Cale are currently not members of the CBAA but as long as they pay their dues before the election closes all will be well.

To vote, just reply to this email. All replies will come to me. You can vote yes on the whole list, no on the whole list, or send me a modified list. If you modify the list then the top seven candidates will be on the board.

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