Election Results

Voting is closed and the new Board of Directors is:

Jason Ruff – President
Tim Hamilton (current cadre member) – Vice President
Paul Hesco – Treasurer
Barry Gasdek
Amy Henry
Eric Magnuson (current cadre member)
Cale Jenson (current cadre member)

Amy and Cale still need to pay membership dues but the bylaws allow a board to function with less than seven members so there will be no delay to the transition while that is resolved.

New Board of Directors

I hope you are all having a Merry Christmas.

Jason Ruff has volunteered to take charge of the CBAA. I think the easiest thing to do is hold an election and then I’ll hand everything off. Between Jason and I we have put together the following list of people to serve on the board.

Jason Ruff – President
Tim Hamilton (current cadre member) – Vice President
Paul Hesco – Treasurer
Barry Gasdek
Amy Henry
Eric Magnuson (current cadre member)
Cale Jenson (current cadre member)

Since we haven’t had an election for a while I’ll go over the rules. Under the bylaws must provide 30 days notice prior to any vote. The winners will be determined based on a simple majority of those who vote.

So we’ll start the voting today (12/25/16) and it will close on 1/24/17. Amy, Time, Eric, and Cale are currently not members of the CBAA but as long as they pay their dues before the election closes all will be well.

To vote, just reply to this email. All replies will come to me. You can vote yes on the whole list, no on the whole list, or send me a modified list. If you modify the list then the top seven candidates will be on the board.

State of the CBAA

Back on June 8th I received an email from Jason Ruff, an alumnus, member, and current APMS, asking if the CBAA would like to come in and discuss the CBAA during the cadet’s zero week. He also asked if we would host a cadet lunch that week. I personally don’t think that buying lunch for all of the cadets and cadre is a good use of CBAA money but that’s not the point of this message.

So to get to the point: is anyone willing and able to take charge of the CBAA and start it moving again?

I resigned back in 2014 because I was no longer able but I have kept the website up and passed along the occasional message. Also, Paul Hesco has been keeping the PO Box going. We have not had a meeting since July 10, 2014 and by my count we only have two board members out of seven who’s terms have not expired.

I do not think we need to talk about what the CBAA needs to do, should do, or could do. We have never been short on good ideas. I also don’t think we have been short on people who are willing. The problem seems to be the able part.

If you have any thoughts on this matter please go to our website and comment under the “State of the CBAA” post (http://uwcbaa.org/) Please do not just hit reply when this comes in your email. If you do, your response will only come to me and this is a topic that needs to involve as many members as possible. If you do email me anyway, I will do my best to get back to you but please keep in mind that I’ve been trying to get this message out since June 8th.

Al Walsh

Pat and Carl are Retiring

Two fixtures of the University of Wyoming Army ROTC program, Pat Montez and Carl Majewski are going to retire this May. As you all well know, both of them have had a huge impact on hundreds, if not thousands of cadets who have passed through the program over many years.

A ceremony will be held at 3:00PM on May 19th in room 434 of Wyo Hall. All alumni are invited. If you can make it please RSVP to Bev Sanchez at either (307) 766-3390 or bsanchez@uwyo.edu. I’m attaching the flyer Bev passed on to me.Retirement Flyer

10 Miler Team

We have recently received a request from this years UW ROTC 10 Miler Team for a donation. Is everyone ok with the CBAA giving them $400?

Below is the text of the team Captain’s email to Paul along with their fundraising letter.

Hi Paul,

Thank you for talking today! I am very excited for this year’s team, as it is filled with strong, committed runners who are working to develop themselves. 

The Army Ten-Miler race will be held on October 11, 2015 and the Cowboy BN team will be in Washington D.C. from October 9th – 12th. As far as dates go, this is what my team will be doing. Please let me know if you have further questions about these dates. 

Attached is our fundraising letter. Ideally it will be great to know funds by August, however this is not a hard date, since our team will be fundraising until we leave for D.C.! We will also be doing the initial fundraising for 2016’s team, to carry on the fine tradition of representing Wyoming in the Army Ten-Miler race! 

One of our key constraints is finding where to stay in D.C. It is an expensive city! If there are CBAA members who are interested and able to provide housing for the team that would be very much appreciated. There will be 9-10 people (8 runners and at least one cadre member). Even if members are only able to do one night, anything will greatly help. 

I have CC’d Ms. Sanchez and CPT Lindmier in this email as points of further contact as necessary, however please continue to use me as a primary source of contact if you have any further questions. CPT Lindmier travelled with the Army Ten-Miler team to Washington D.C. last fall 2014. Ms. Sanchez handles the actual budget of the Army Ten-Miler team. 

Please let me know if you have any further questions. I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Anne Lichtfuss

Army Ten-Miler Team Captain

The following link will open the Cowboy BN Army Ten-Miler fundraising letter.

Reply to the email or leave a comment under this post on the website to let us know.

Cadet BBQ on August 27th

Below is a message from Paul Hesco.

I am organizing the BBQ for the cadets which will occur at noon on Aug 27th.  If I can get at least 2 people to help me for a couple of hours I suggest that we grill burgers and order a couple of side dishes in big trays from the Walmart deli.  If nobody is available to help I suggest that we order in sandwiches, chips and drinks from Jimmy Johns.  I will provide an estimate of the cost before making an order.  Please let me know if you can help by e-mailing me at phesco@uwyo.edu or calling 307-399-7660.

Paul Hesco

Meeting Notes

The notes from the meeting can be found on our meetings page. The highlights are as follows.

  • Paul Hesco and Aaron Ohnstad were elected to the Board of Directors.
  • I’ll stop being president on August 1st with no replacement yet named.
  • Paul is running point on the zero week BBQ which will be Wednesday August 27th.

Remarks complete.

Meeting This Thursday

Out next meeting is this at the Laramie VFW, this Thursday (July 10th) at 6:30 PM. I’ve posted the agenda on the meetings page. I don’t have a whole lot to talk about, mostly just elections and the zero week BBQ. I look forward to seeing all of you that can make it and let me know if there’s anything else you want to talk about.