Pat and Carl are Retiring

Two fixtures of the University of Wyoming Army ROTC program, Pat Montez and Carl Majewski are going to retire this May. As you all well know, both of them have had a huge impact on hundreds, if not thousands of cadets who have passed through the program over many years.

A ceremony will be held at 3:00PM on May 19th in room 434 of Wyo Hall. All alumni are invited. If you can make it please RSVP to Bev Sanchez at either (307) 766-3390 or I’m attaching the flyer Bev passed on to me.Retirement Flyer

10 Miler Team

We have recently received a request from this years UW ROTC 10 Miler Team for a donation. Is everyone ok with the CBAA giving them $400?

Below is the text of the team Captain’s email to Paul along with their fundraising letter.

Hi Paul,

Thank you for talking today! I am very excited for this year’s team, as it is filled with strong, committed runners who are working to develop themselves. 

The Army Ten-Miler race will be held on October 11, 2015 and the Cowboy BN team will be in Washington D.C. from October 9th – 12th. As far as dates go, this is what my team will be doing. Please let me know if you have further questions about these dates. 

Attached is our fundraising letter. Ideally it will be great to know funds by August, however this is not a hard date, since our team will be fundraising until we leave for D.C.! We will also be doing the initial fundraising for 2016’s team, to carry on the fine tradition of representing Wyoming in the Army Ten-Miler race! 

One of our key constraints is finding where to stay in D.C. It is an expensive city! If there are CBAA members who are interested and able to provide housing for the team that would be very much appreciated. There will be 9-10 people (8 runners and at least one cadre member). Even if members are only able to do one night, anything will greatly help. 

I have CC’d Ms. Sanchez and CPT Lindmier in this email as points of further contact as necessary, however please continue to use me as a primary source of contact if you have any further questions. CPT Lindmier travelled with the Army Ten-Miler team to Washington D.C. last fall 2014. Ms. Sanchez handles the actual budget of the Army Ten-Miler team. 

Please let me know if you have any further questions. I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Anne Lichtfuss

Army Ten-Miler Team Captain

The following link will open the Cowboy BN Army Ten-Miler fundraising letter.

Reply to the email or leave a comment under this post on the website to let us know.

Cadet BBQ on August 27th

Below is a message from Paul Hesco.

I am organizing the BBQ for the cadets which will occur at noon on Aug 27th.  If I can get at least 2 people to help me for a couple of hours I suggest that we grill burgers and order a couple of side dishes in big trays from the Walmart deli.  If nobody is available to help I suggest that we order in sandwiches, chips and drinks from Jimmy Johns.  I will provide an estimate of the cost before making an order.  Please let me know if you can help by e-mailing me at or calling 307-399-7660.

Paul Hesco

Congratulations to the 2014 Comissionees

There was a great turnout last Saturday evening to see 12 men and women become 2LTs in the United States Army. Congratulations to all of you, we wish you the best. I’ve attached a picture of the stage that we all know so well and below is a scan of the program with information for each comissionee.

2014 Commissioning


2014 Commissionees

Mentor Program

It’s that time of year again, where we start pairing soon to be 2LTs with mentors who can help them out in the way of branch and assignment advice.

I’ll get into the specifics of this years commissioing class in a minute but first I want to talk about something else that we are doing a little different. We have added a Mentorship Program web page to the site which I hope will become a good place for questions and answers and other professional discussions.

Right now it’s just a shell. Filling out the content is more than I can do myself. If you want to participate, I can create an account for you to add content yourself, or you can use comment sections.

Now for this years commissioning class we have the following:

  • Branches: QM, SC, MS, IN, TC, FA
  • Components: 5 Active Duty, 6 Wyoming National Guard, 2 Oklahoma National Guard, 1 Army Reserve.
  • Active Duty Assignments: Fort Carson, Fort Drum, and a few other unassigned right now as well as all the posts associated with the above Basic Courses.

Give us a shout if you are in a position to help any of these folks out based on the information above.

Bataan Memorial Death March Results

I received some great news last week regarding our Cowboy’s performance at the Bataan Memorial Death March.

  • Cadets Summerbell, Flanscha, Goodwin, Rusk, and Galvin placed 2nd out of 44 teams in the ROTC Men’s Heavy Category
  • Cadets Carollo, Johnson, Lichtfuss, Hamblen, and Carswell placed 8th out of 16 teams in the Military Coed Heavy Category
  • Cadet Kelchner placed 2nd overall out of 128 in the ROTC Male Heavy Individual Category and 2nd Place in his age group.
  • Cadet Reiner placed 5th overall out of 748 in the Civilian Female Light Category and 2nd Place in her age group.
  • Cadet Plush placed 31st in the Civilian Female Light Category and 9th Place in her age group.

If you get a chance, let these cadets know how proud of them we all are. I’ll add the story as soon as I can.

Posse Club Trains to Support Search and Rescue

The UW Army ROTC Posse Club has done some great work helping the Albany County Sheriff’s office and the Albany County Search and Rescue. The storyboard below covers one of their training events last fall.



On the 28th of September, the Posse Club conducted a training event in vicinity of Happy Jack Trail near the Lincoln Monument. The Posse Club focused on various vital training skills, which are inherent in the Search and Rescue (SAR) aspect of the club. These skills included First Aid (practical and improvised means) and Knot Tying (for use when rappelling and climbing).

One of the Posse Club’s main missions is to provide support for the Albany County Sheriff’s Dept., as well as other law enforcement departments in the surrounding area in SAR. During the outing the Posse rehearsed how to take care of an individual injured in back-country hiking. The members learned techniques utilized by both the US Military, and those that are more applicable for a civilian setting (see top picture). The Posse also set up a “Rope Corral” to practice tying knots that are used while conducting high-angle climbing and rappelling, which is pictured at the bottom. One of the Posse’s main goals is to be proficient in this skill set in order to provide specialized support during missions. A brief class on building improvised shelters using a poncho and bungee cords was also given.

Along with training, the Posse came together and had a barbecue for lunch in order to build better team cohesion. The outing was an overall success, and others like it will be planned in the future to ensure the advancement of team knowledge and abilities in extreme cold weather environments.

Cadets Stanfill and Wass Graduate Air Assault School

Now that we have CBAA business out of they way for a while I’ll resume posting the ROTC storyboards I have on deck. Last summer the Cowboy Battalion had two cadets graduate Air Assault School, Adam Stanfill and Kyle Wass. As usual, I’ve copied and pasted the text below the storyboard to make the reading a bit easier.

Air Assualt Storyboard 2013


Every year select Cadets of the Cowboy battalion attend the US Army Air Assault School. The school focuses on training Cadets for airmobile and air assault operations through a mentally and physically challenging 12 day course.

Day zero consisted of an early wake-up and a grueling Physical Training (PT) session, followed by a timed two mile run and obstacle coarse. The Cadets that where able to complete these tasks were then rewarded with being in-processed and assigned their roster number and squad.

The day-to-day of phase 1 consisted of PT followed by classes introducing the Cadets to the Army’s various rotor winged aircraft and their capabilities. The Cadets were also introduced to the basics of sling load and pathfinder operations. It was during Phase 1 that Cadets received their orientation flight on a UH-60 Blackhawk.

Phase 2 began with a timed 6 mile road march. After that the Cadets learned the various types of sling load kits, their capacities, and how to properly rig them on various pieces of Army equipment. Cadets then practiced inspecting sling loaded equipment and finding deficiencies in preparation for the sling load test. The Cadets also witnessed a live sling load operation, consisting of their rucksacks compiled in a cargo net.

Phase 3 focused on preparing the Cadets for the culminating event of Air Assault, rappelling out of an airborne helicopter. The Cadets were slowly introduced to rappelling and made various rappels in different styles with various gear loads. Cadets spent three days at the rappel tower preparing for the aircraft rappel. On the day of the aircraft rappel, cadets are lifted roughly 90 feet into the air to execute a basic rappel to land safely on the ground below.

Finally, Cadets completed a timed 12 mile ruck march on graduation day to earn their Air Assault wings.