Cadets Stanfill and Wass Graduate Air Assault School

Now that we have CBAA business out of they way for a while I’ll resume posting the ROTC storyboards I have on deck. Last summer the Cowboy Battalion had two cadets graduate Air Assault School, Adam Stanfill and Kyle Wass. As usual, I’ve copied and pasted the text below the storyboard to make the reading a bit easier.

Air Assualt Storyboard 2013


Every year select Cadets of the Cowboy battalion attend the US Army Air Assault School. The school focuses on training Cadets for airmobile and air assault operations through a mentally and physically challenging 12 day course.

Day zero consisted of an early wake-up and a grueling Physical Training (PT) session, followed by a timed two mile run and obstacle coarse. The Cadets that where able to complete these tasks were then rewarded with being in-processed and assigned their roster number and squad.

The day-to-day of phase 1 consisted of PT followed by classes introducing the Cadets to the Army’s various rotor winged aircraft and their capabilities. The Cadets were also introduced to the basics of sling load and pathfinder operations. It was during Phase 1 that Cadets received their orientation flight on a UH-60 Blackhawk.

Phase 2 began with a timed 6 mile road march. After that the Cadets learned the various types of sling load kits, their capacities, and how to properly rig them on various pieces of Army equipment. Cadets then practiced inspecting sling loaded equipment and finding deficiencies in preparation for the sling load test. The Cadets also witnessed a live sling load operation, consisting of their rucksacks compiled in a cargo net.

Phase 3 focused on preparing the Cadets for the culminating event of Air Assault, rappelling out of an airborne helicopter. The Cadets were slowly introduced to rappelling and made various rappels in different styles with various gear loads. Cadets spent three days at the rappel tower preparing for the aircraft rappel. On the day of the aircraft rappel, cadets are lifted roughly 90 feet into the air to execute a basic rappel to land safely on the ground below.

Finally, Cadets completed a timed 12 mile ruck march on graduation day to earn their Air Assault wings.