Mentorship Program

This web page will be the focal point of our Mentorship Program. We want to make this useful and beneficial, not just to cadets but to all alumni. If you know something about one of the topics listed below head to that page and speak up in the comments section. If you know something about a topic that isn’t listed you can let Al know, or speak up in the comments at the bottom of this page and we’ll get it added.

We aren’t going to fill out the specific categories until we have someone available to talk about each. That’s why not all branches are listed.

We are using disqus to manage the comments on the website. We encourage you to create an account with disqus prior to posting your comments so that you can be notified via email when someone answers your questions or comments on the same topic.

General Topics:

National Guard, Reading Lists, Things I wish I knew back then, Leadership


Staff Officer, Platoon Leader, Company XO, Company Commander, Assistant S3,

Branch Information:

Engineer, Field Artillery, Infantry,

Installations and Duty Assignments:

Fort Benning, Fort Riley, Fort Irwin,


Airborne, Air Assault, All Captain’s Career Course’s, Mechanized Leaders Course, Ranger,