Voting Season is Now Open

Neither Joseph Huss or DC Faber will be seeking reelection to the board of directors. I am nominating Paul Hesco and Aaron Ohnstad to fill their seats.

I have not received any other nominations so this is it. The elections are open from now until the start of the next meeting, which will be at least two weeks away.

You can vote by hitting reply to this email and let me know your preferences. Or feel free to let any other Board Member or officer know who you’d like to see.

I hope everyone has a great week.

Nominations and Elections

Next Monday we will hold our Annual Elections. We two seats (DC Faber and Joseph Huss) coming open on the board of directors. I haven’t spoken to these men yet to see if they are running again.

In any case, this is the week for nominations. If you can or know of anybody who can serve on the board of directors and wants to serve let me know, or any other board member before 9AM next Monday (June 23rd).

Next week we will open the voting which will run up until our next meeting which will likely be in the second week of July.

We are starting to explore options to allow people to remotely participate in meetings and will try to test them at this next meeting. This opens the door for those of you who don’t live in Laramie to not only be a bigger part of things but also allow some of you to serve on the board.

Congratulations to the 2014 Comissionees

There was a great turnout last Saturday evening to see 12 men and women become 2LTs in the United States Army. Congratulations to all of you, we wish you the best. I’ve attached a picture of the stage that we all know so well and below is a scan of the program with information for each comissionee.

2014 Commissioning


2014 Commissionees

Hey, Field Artillery Officers!

We’ve got a guy in the school house. Cowboy Battalion Alumnus, CPT Mason Heimer is set to take command of one of Batteries at the Artillery School at Fort Sill. So if you are a 2LT, or have one, or know any other officer or NCO who’s headed there for school give him a heads up. It’s not very often that we have one of our own in one of these jobs so don’t hesitate to lean on him for some help. I suppose I should say that he has offered to do this, it isn’t something I volunteered him for.

I’ll give an excerpt from his email to me: “Let me know if you have any FA 2LT’s that need mentors?  I’ll be taking command of the BTRY at the USAFAS that is responsible for the FACCC, WOBC, WOAC, Master Gunner, U6, PCC and the Bn. HQ personnel on April 30th.  So if they have questions about the Field Artillery, FA BOLC or where to live when they get down here I’m the guy to ask.”

Mason has also offered a professional article for our mentor page so be sure and check that out.

I’m going to be highlighting a few more of our members in the coming weeks. If you are in command or recently left, let me know. We want to help you get your experiences out there across the association. The same goes for any key job. Please also feel free to help out with our mentor pages.

Mentor Program

It’s that time of year again, where we start pairing soon to be 2LTs with mentors who can help them out in the way of branch and assignment advice.

I’ll get into the specifics of this years commissioing class in a minute but first I want to talk about something else that we are doing a little different. We have added a Mentorship Program web page to the site which I hope will become a good place for questions and answers and other professional discussions.

Right now it’s just a shell. Filling out the content is more than I can do myself. If you want to participate, I can create an account for you to add content yourself, or you can use comment sections.

Now for this years commissioning class we have the following:

  • Branches: QM, SC, MS, IN, TC, FA
  • Components: 5 Active Duty, 6 Wyoming National Guard, 2 Oklahoma National Guard, 1 Army Reserve.
  • Active Duty Assignments: Fort Carson, Fort Drum, and a few other unassigned right now as well as all the posts associated with the above Basic Courses.

Give us a shout if you are in a position to help any of these folks out based on the information above.

Meeting Highlights

I have posted the notes from the past meeting on the website but I wanted to highlight a few things here.

First, I am looking to step aside as President because I’ll be starting law school at UW next fall.

Second, we’ll be holding our annual elections before our July meeting so if you would like to serve on the board or volunteer someone else to do it contact me or any other board member in then next month or so.

And finally, we are going to look into setting up a conference call for the next meeting so people who aren’t in Laramie can participate.

That’s all, have a great week.

CBAA vs.

I’m still getting occasional reports from people who can’t view our emails correctly and some not at all in their accounts. If this is you please give me know a better email address.

Also I have added the agenda for our next meeting (6PM, Tuesday, April 15th, at the Laramie VFW) to the meetings page. It’s a short one and it looks like it will be a short meeting, which is good. That means more time for social drinking.